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Nottingham university

With its foundation stone laid by W E Gladstone in 1877, Nottingham College finally opened its doors in 1881. It was to expand rapidly in the period following the First World War, until overcrowding presented a real problem. A generous benefactor’s donation of 35 acres of land at Highfields proved the solution and the move to the new premises built on this site was made in 1928. Opened by King George V, it was to see many more luminaries treading its halls. » Read more..

Leeds university

Leeds University is a large research institution located in the northern English city of Leeds. Leeds University actually has its origins in the Leeds School of Medicine, which was was founded in 1831. However, the School expanded over time and more departments and research areas and interests were added. Leeds University was granted University status in 1887, but was founded as the institution that it is today in 1904. By that time, only six other universities existed in England and Wales, making Leeds one of the earliest and best research institutions in the United Kingdom. » Read more..


A university degree can make or break careers. With the job market at an all time competitive high, a degree is a great way to stand out from the crowd. This article takes a look at how universities work and the importance of getting a degree. With the economy in tatters, it’s getting more difficult to secure a job. When potential employers sift through a stack of CVs, they’re constantly on the lookout for the best employee with the best qualifications. University degrees stand out on the page and greatly increase the chance of an interview. This article will provide a background on universities, how they work and the importance of getting a degree. » Read more..