Northrumbia university

Northrumbia University is based in the city of Newcastle in North East England. It was formed as Newcastle Polytechnic in 1969 from the merger of three pre-existing colleges: the Rutherford College of Technology, and the College of Art & Industrial Design and the Municipal College of Commerce. It became Northrumbia University in 1992. Its full name is ‘The University of Northumbria at Newcastle’.

The Northrumbia University is based in Newcastle

The Northrumbia University is based in Newcastle

There are two main campuses, one on the outskirts of the city of Newcastle itself and one a few miles out at Coach Lane. Both are served by good transport links. However, it has national and even international outreach: the Design School has a satellite campus in London, and some students study at partner institutions in Asia. Northrumbia University offers a broad range of academic courses, many of which have a vocational focus. It specialises in areas like business, healthcare and computing. It also has a substantial law department, and offers accredited courses by the Law Society and the Bar Council which allow their graduates to become solicitors and barristers.

Many courses at Northrumbia University are modular, giving students flexibility and choice about what they want to study. Sixteen of its 30 subjects have been rated “excellent” by Higher Education Auditors. Northrumbia University is great for sport, whether you want to study it as part of your degree or take part in your spare time at any level from the purely recreational to international competition. Northrumbia University is widely regarded as a great place to study. Last year the Northrumbia University student union received a prize for ‘best higher education students union’ awarded by the National Union of Students. In terms of nightlife, Newcastle has been named as the eighth best city in the world. If you prefer the quiet life to nightlife, Newcastle has that too, with beaches and a wide variety of beautiful countryside within easy distance.

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