Middlesex university

Middlesex University is among Britain’s best universities, in terms of preparing its students for work and in helping find the appropriate job. It is also a university that is becoming increasingly more international in scope. Middlesex University was formerly Middlesex Polytechnic, which was founded in 1973-74. It was given university status in 1992. As well as its North London base, Middlesex University has international campuses in Dubai and Mauritius and has plans for campuses in India and China.

The middlesex university is based in London

The middlesex university is based in London

The university has a good reputation for its facilities and courses concerning, particularly, the arts, business and computing. There are three campuses at the London university and they are Hendon, Archway and Trent Park, with Hendon being the main campus. In all, Middlesex University teaches in excess of 40,000 students in London and at its international campuses. The university prepares its students for the outside world, with the help of both business and various organisations. Students at Middlesex University are helped, with their teachers, to develop their abilities with industry partners and professional bodies. Middlesex University is in the top ten of British universities when it comes to graduate salaries. Middlesex University is alongside the likes of Cambridge and Oxford as a university that helps its students find work to match their skills. The university also helps students towards gaining relevant employment with the offer of a year working overseas as part of their course.

By taking a placement for a year, students at Middlesex University will not have to pay tuition fees. Students at the university are also encouraged to take voluntary work, when appropriate, as the experience gained can boost job prospects. Part time studies are available at the university and international students can take up short stay courses. The wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Middlesex University include, along with more traditional courses, Complementary Health, Criminology, Human Resource Management, Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Television Production and Veterinary Nursing.

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