Leeds university

Leeds University is a large research institution located in the northern English city of Leeds. Leeds University actually has its origins in the Leeds School of Medicine, which was was founded in 1831. However, the School expanded over time and more departments and research areas and interests were added. Leeds University was granted University status in 1887, but was founded as the institution that it is today in 1904. By that time, only six other universities existed in England and Wales, making Leeds one of the earliest and best research institutions in the United Kingdom.

Leeds university is one of the the largest employers in Leeds

Leeds university is one of the the largest employers in Leeds

Today, Leeds University has 8,800 staff, as well as over 33,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with 560 different undergraduate programmes available, as well as 300 different postgraduate programmes on offer. What makes Leeds University special today is not only how broad its research interests are, but that the university also prides itself on how specialised some of its programmes can be. More students study modern languages, such as French and Spanish, at Leeds University, for example, than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, but the University also offers more obscure programmes of study such as Fire Science or Nanotechnology. Further, the University has also forged strong links with various technical and professional industries, meaning that it attracts a significant amount of funding not only from academic sources but industrial ones. What makes Leeds University even more special is its relationship with the city of Leeds itself. The University prides itself on being able to call itself one of the largest employers in Leeds, and the revenue that the University’s existence provides amounts to about £800 million each year. The significant student presence in Leeds also contributes to the local economy with another £190 million each year, mostly from rent and entertainment expenses.

Finally, Leeds University graduates are in ninth place on the list when it comes to potential employers looking for graduates to fill positions. Not only is Leeds University a great place to study, it’s also a great place to begin your future career!

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